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All the puppies are in the 13-16 pound range now and extremely social.  They are also very entertaining to watch and just love the backyard.

Read next to each picture to see how that puppy has been developing.  Those puppies with names have been spoken for and are no longer available. We will definitely miss them, but we’re so happy and excited for their families.  All the puppies with a ribbon colour for a name are still available although there may be interest in them.

The Girls

Puppies To Adopt...8 Weeks Old

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Our first puppy went home this week, but not before we got some more stunning photos of her.  We couldn’t be more pleased with our current litter.  They do so well with our children and the children of those that come to visit.

They are training so effortlessly as well.  We don’t hear a peep from them through the night and they are learning to ask to go outside to use the facilities.  Also the majority of them will return to the house when they are called.

Stella is in the process of entering our breeding program with a prospective family.  We hope to see her first litter come available for Christmas 2014. We look forward to sharing her developments with you over the next couple of years.

Red is a beautiful, gentle spirited puppy.  Her mild temperament makes her a treat. She will thrive in a home where someone is home most of the time. She does well with older children, and will be very easy to train.

Libby is a sweet, affectionate puppy that will make a perfect addition to her new family. She has a pleasant, playful temperament that we know will bring much joy to her new surroundings.

Chloe has become quite an energetic and social puppy. She loves spending time outside with her brothers and sisters. With her colouring and coat, she will make a beautiful addition to her new home.

Carley went home this past week and is doing well.  She has made the transition amazingly and her new family absolutely adores her. Her playful spirit and affection have fit her new family perfectly.

No Ribbon Girl is an absolute joy for the kids.  Her affection and playful spirit make her fun for both the children as well as her brothers and sisters. She can always be found creating fun games to play. With her curly coat, she will be great for allergy sufferers.

The Boys

Winston continues to be an entertaining joy.  His playful spirit and laid back attitude have not wavered with his development.  He has been one of the pioneers of asking to go out. His temperament combined with his intelligence will make him a joy for his new family.

Dark Green continues to entertain us with his energy. Though always willing to play with anyone available, he has thrilled us with his easy going spirit and great desire to enjoy long cuddles. He will be a wonderful balance for an outgoing family.

White is a very loyal puppy.  He enjoys playing or cuddling with us whenever he’s given the chance. His loyalty and desire to please will make him very easy to train. His easy going spirit will allow him to be enjoyed by everyone.

Light Green is a playful, friendly puppy.  He is readily available to play with puppies and kids alike. His personality is enjoyed by all as he is easily engaged in any game. He has a beautiful face with eyes that will steal your heart.

Light Blue continues to be a laid back, easy going puppy. He is just as content to wrestle with his brothers, as he is to lay by your feet and enjoy a belly rub. He is still highly recommended for families with young children, as he has a very non-demanding spirit and will easily submit to even the youngest family members.

Norman is a wonderfully mellow soul.  He loves to spend time with anyone who will play with him especially for a good rub on the belly. His desire to be a loyal friend and to show affection, will be thoroughly enjoyed by his new family.

Have you ever wondered what we look for in our puppies to match them to their families? Check out Choosing a Puppy to learn more.

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