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With some breeds, dogs are bred to be working dogs, security, service, hunting, or companionship. In the case of Canadian English Goldendoodle puppies, they are bred for pets.  The criteria we look for in our puppies and their homes are to match personalities and temperaments for great family pets – especially with children in mind.

What about families who want to choose their own puppy?

As you will see when you continue reading over our criteria, the family’s preferences are certainly taken into play. Color, gender, and coat preferences (especially concerning allergies) are all taken into consideration.

What we ask families who are adopting one of our puppies to remember is not only are we working to create the perfect pet for your family, but we also have a responsibility to the puppies we’ve bred to ensure they each go to the best home suitable for them.

We put a lot of backing behind our puppies with our seven-day unconditional guarantee, as well as our 3-year health guarantee and our lifetime support for your family as you raise and enjoy your dog. It would be very difficult to support families if we weren’t taking a very active role in the selection of their puppy in the first place.

The flexibility of the family can make or break the selection process. In order to be the most satisfied with your future pet, we encourage you to put thought yourself into what type of dog you see yourself with – how it will fit into your lifestyle, and to share as much with us as possible. The more we communicate together, the more perfect fit we can make between you and your puppy.

What is Temperament Testing?

Temperament testing is a tool often used by kennels (and occasionally by home breeders) to quantify character traits of puppies. This is typically done around seven weeks of age, and involves a set of simple tests to gauge traits such as submissiveness, aggression, sensitivity, etc.

In a kennel setting, where the breeders are concerned about placing puppies with appropriate families, but are simply too large-scale an operation to spend countless hours with each puppy, this is a good way to obtain results that they can then pass on to the new owners.

Certain breeds benefit from this testing more than others. As we all know, there are temperament traits inherent in different breeds. Some are naturally more aggressive and dominant, others more submissive and loyal.

The nice thing about Goldendoodles is unlike other breeds such as shepherds, there isn’t as much variety in certain trait qualities when they are bred for temperament. For example, Golden Retrievers are very pack-loyal dogs Goldens need to live in the home with their ‘pack’, and aren’t typically suited for solitary, outdoor life in the doghouse.

Goldendoodles are the same way. The range in loyalty between our puppies is quite small compared to other breeds. On a scale of 1 to 10, every puppy will fall between a 1 and 4.

Aggressiveness is another factor which simply does not come into play in this breed. You won’t see more than a glimmer of it in the occasional puppy – and that is often more due to poor parenting selection than a reflection of the breed.

As we continue, we will show you what we look for specifically in our puppies. You will not see traits such as conformation, because we are not breeding show dogs. The traits we look for are geared to ensure family lifestyle and puppy personality makes a great fit.

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The process of choosing a puppy can be very simple, or very complex. On one hand, a family may simply approach the home of someone with puppies, look them over for which is the cutest, or which one the children like, and leave an hour later with their selection.

On the other hand, a committed breeder with the purposes of finding suitable homes for the puppies they are responsible for as well as creating dogs ideal for the needs of the homes they are going to, can spend hours working with both the puppies and their new families to find the perfect match.

Choosing a Puppy


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