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A Happy Puppy is a Healthy Puppy

If you have not booked your puppy/dog training class yet, do it now! Your trainer can help you make the most of your relationship with your pet, making you both happier and healthier!

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Listen to your pets

Sometimes the most frustrating behavior from our pets is actually their way of telling us that their needs aren’t being met. Before you get mad, isolate your pet from the behavior, then seek help. Ask your vet, look online, or call your breeder for advice and support.

Have your pet spayed or Neutered.

If you have not booked this appointment yet, do it NOW. There are an estimated 6-8 million pets currently in shelters, 3-4 million of which will be euthanized each year. Please help control the pet population in North America.

Have you loved your puppy today?

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life. Do not forget the health benefits to you and your dog of a long walk. Why not get off the computer and go for a walk or throw a ball for a break?!



Holistic Breeding (Coming Soon)

Early Neural Stimulation

Rescue Shelters

Taking into consideration the whole body and environment.

When we start looking into Holistic Pet Medicine, it takes these concepts above – of looking at the entire body and its environment, and treating them all at the same time. This would involve mental, physical, and emotional factors, as well as environmental ones.

The idea that all of the components of your body are interrelated is an easy one. Consider these:

When you have a headache (a physical symptom), how do you behave emotionally?

When you are laughing through a funny movie (emotional), does your flu (physical) not feel so bad?

How does a sunny or rainy day (environmental) affect your mood for the day (emotional)?

What about when you are hungry (physical) and you need to solve problems at work (mental) or even how your children solve problems with each other when they are hungry or tired?

So, let’s take this concept of looking at the whole and apply it to our pets. Every decision we make for our pets will affect the rest of their ‘whole’ – including their ability to affect their environment.

You only need to meet one dog owner who came home to a destroyed armchair because their dog was left alone too long to understand how much a dog can affect it’s surroundings!

Every decision we make will either create a more positive ‘whole’ for our pets or a more negative one. Often, behaviors that we do not like in our pet are actually symptoms of other things going on.

Take digging for example. Your furry friend might be digging out of boredom (mental), loneliness (emotional), to get a buried bone (physical), or to get out of the yard and play with the neighbor dog (environmental). How do you handle digging unless you take the time to understand your dog’s life.

Choosing your pet’s diet is a must with holistic pet care.

Commercial pet food can possibly have serious detrimental affects in every part of your animal’s life. There may be allergies or eating other ‘offensive materials’ to gain nutrients. If your dog doesn’t feel well after eating, there could be emotional and behavioral issues. See BARF Diet for more information on natural pet food.

Health care is a highly controversial area when treating animals holistically. Whether or not to choose vaccinations, declawing, spaying and neutering, tail docking, or numerous other areas are all subject to long discussion and personal opinion.

We strongly encourage every pet owner to research, discuss with their holistic vets, and make their own decisions in regards to any areas involving their pets’ healthcare. The field of holistic veterinary practice is rapidly growing. If you cannot find a holistic vet in your area, perhaps you can find extra information online, or encourage your own vet to research alternatives.

You may be amazed to find what is available for natural pet supplies when you start looking for them.

Breeding also should be considered in a holistic pet care light.

 Animals have been reproducing without human intervention for a very long time. When we intervene, how are we influencing the puppies lives as well as the mother? We personally believe in allowing the mother to whelp unassisted unless a life is being threatened.

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The first step in explaining Holistic Pet Care would be to define Holistic. Looking online, some concepts continued to show up:

Studying the whole instead of separating it into parts.

The idea that all parts of a system cannot be determined apart from each other.

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