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We are beginning to see their dominant/submissive personality traits come through, and we couldn’t be more pleased!! At every milestone, we are reassured that we have the exact puppies we hoped to achieve out of these litters. Even the strong-character puppies are showing easy-going, submissive traits.

Here is how they are each doing:

The Girls

It’s hard to believe our Goldendoodle Puppies are three weeks old now! All their ears have opened. They can walk around (on a surface with grip), sit up, growl, play with each other, and entertain as well as calm themselves. Every puppy is now over Four Pounds.

Dark Pink is continuing to be a quiet, sweet joy. She barely makes a peep, and is happy to snuggle with whoever is willing to hold her. We are looking for a home for her in our Breeding Foster Program. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact us.

Red is a sweetheart. She continues to be gentle and loving. She has a lower energy level, and would do great in a calm home with or without children.

Burgundy is a beauty. Her coat has slightly more poodle than the other girls, making her a good choice for allergy sufferers. Her loyalty to her litter has not wavered, and she would still do well in a home where someone is with her most of the time.

Light Pink is a rare treat. She has a gentle compassion to her that is interesting to watch. She will go to her littermates if they are crying, and lay with them.  She is very quiet and gentle and will make a wonderful addition to her home.

Lavender has taken the title this week for the largest puppy! She is fun to watch in the play with her littermates. Though stronger-spirited, she is still very submissive, and loves to cuddle when picked up. She would make a GREAT pet for a family with older children.

No Ribbon is beginning to amaze us. Her coat makes her an allergy-sufferers dream. She has a stronger spirit, and loves to tell you about her day. What we love about her, is whenever she is being held, she settles instantly, and cuddles right into you! In a home where she is not home alone, she will make an amazing pet!

The Boys

Black makes us laugh. If there is a puppy laying on its back with its tongue hanging out - it's him! He is very laid back and will just as soon play with an interested puppy as he will to fall back asleep when they are done. He would be an excellent choice for the easy going family especially with young children.

Dark Green continues to be a joy and a source of energy. He can be found playing with any other interested puppy, or discussing his day with No Ribbon Girl. He will fit into an active lifestyle family with ease, especially with older children.

White is a sweetheart. He has a slightly higher energy level than his quiet sisters, but shares their same gentle, calm spirits. He rarely makes a sound. He is very pack loyal and will be a committed friend to his new family.

Light Green is fantastic. He has a curlier coat - good for allergies. He has surprised us because we were wondering how submissive he would be with his stronger spirit. Turns out, he's a big marshmallow. He is intelligent, gentle, and would do well with our without other pets or children.

Light Blue makes me smile. He is the gentle giant of the boys club. He would just as soon cuddle with someone as play. He is very laid back, and very quiet. He is a top choice for a family with young children, as he will easily claim his appropriate place in his new family - treating his kids with a gentle paw.

No Ribbon has lost his title as the largest puppy, though his paws and build are still in his favour. He continues to be a quiet marshmallow. He is leading the way with curiosity this week, as he managed to climb on top of his siblings to get out of his box!! He is an absolute joy.

Have you ever wondered what we look for in our puppies to match them to their families? Check out Choosing a Puppy to learn more.

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