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Green has a very affectionate side. He is loving cuddles with the kids, and often finds a human friend to tag along with during play time. His ideal home is somewhere he can be a part of family activities regularly, with or without other pets.

Puppies For Sale - Goldendoodle Litter #2… Week 6

Black is looking for a friend for life. Someone who will play with him, teach him tricks, and chill out in front of the TV with. His captivating heart will guarantee you have a loyal best friend.

These puppies will be ready for their forever homes at the end of June/early July. Just in time for summer.

Peaches apparently can look like an Ewok. :-) She continues to have a very mellow temperament. One of her favourite activities is relaxing and rolling around in the grass with Mom. She does really well with our older dogs, and will be a perfect friend for her new four-legged family as well as the two-legged ones.

Red has spunk. Still preferring to trot around rather than walk, his playful spirit combined with his lower energy level will do very well with small children. He is very gentle with our littlest kids, is quiet, and yet gets just the right gleam in his eye as he runs and tackles another puppy for a good wrestle. He is an excellent, well balanced puppy.

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More Puppies

We have another litter of english goldendoodle puppies. Stella had nine beautiful puppies that are now nine weeks old. Head here to follow their pictures or to see if they would be the right fit for your family.

We also have a litter of parti poodle puppies. Jasmine had seven beautiful parti poodle puppies that are now seven weeks old. Head here to follow their pictures or to see if they would be the right fit for your family.

These Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Puppies are already six weeks old. We are seeing their playful, curious personalities coming out much more now. A favourite activity all around is spending time with the kids around their playpark.

The puppies spend time with us every day supervised around the house learning house manners such as not chewing the children’s toys, no barking, asking to go outside to tinkle, and staying off the furniture.

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