Step One: (Select an Option)

Please put me on your waiting list and notify me of future litters: $50.00 CAD including GSTz

I have previously paid $50 to be on your waiting list, and now I want to reserve a current puppy: $200 CAD including GST

Please reserve me a puppy from a currently available litter. My puppy is either not yet born, or is under five weeks old: $250.00 CAD including GST

I have previously paid my deposit, and want to finish paying for my puppy: $1,550.00 CAD including GST

My puppy is over five weeks old, and I would like to pay the entire amount: $1,800.00 CAD including GST

Payment Options:

Paypal -

When you arrive at the PayPal site, the price field will be blank for you to enter the value you will be paying from the option that you selected above. Please make note from the list above of how much you will be paying before changing sites.

Email Money Ttransfer -

Please send a direct email to us, and we will advise with directions.

Check -

Please be advised that your reservation will not be placed in sequence until the check has cleared the bank. Please send a direct email to advise us if you are planning on paying this way.

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