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February for most of us is a cold month where we spend a lot of it indoors. When it comes to bringing a new puppy home, this is the best thing you can ask for!!

By the time you bring one of the great goldendoodle puppies home, it is no longer a baby puppy anymore. Though she still will sleep for much of the day, she will also have very active periods of play that require constant attention.

Having as much of the family home during the first few weeks will not only provide extra eyes to help train proper puppy behaviour, it will also make bonding with your family, socialization and habituation easier.

In the summer, there is more temptation to walk. Your puppy just isn't up for long walks yet - only short ones close to home where he can stop as soon as he's tired.

Learning to travel in the car with your family is easier in the cold winter. Though you can NEVER leave any pet unattended in a vehicle in extreme temperatures, you CAN take turns going into stores with someone waiting in the car with the puppy.

For the most of us, crate training is easier when it is done for short stretches of time and at night. Because long outings isn't as common, February puppies benefit from easier training periods.

Puppy health may be the most important thing to talk about. Socialization for your puppy is extremely important in the first few months, and keeping your puppy isolated from other dogs is not the solution. Play dates need to be with safe dogs and for short periods of time. She is not ready for off-leash dog parks, or to playgrounds where other dogs abound. What's great is in February, those things probably don't sound appealing to you either.

Though health is most important, the biggest reason to me why I love bringing home February puppies is potty training your puppy.

Once the snow starts to melt, there are wonderful smells everywhere - especially when your nose is only 8" off the ground. When you go out to potty, puppies can take hours of distraction before relieving themselves. In the summer, there's butterflies, and in the autumn, there's falling leaves and squirrels.

Enter February. It's cold. Everything smells like - snow. The last place your puppy wants to be is outside. He is highly motivated to get the job done, and get back inside. Three Cheers for you!!

There are many other reasons that we haven't discussed here today. Depression comes to mind both in adults and children. We have the least sunny days in February, and what a great time to introduce some fresh sunshine in your home - when everyone needs it the most.

There is very little going on in most people's lives in February. Aside from Valentine's Day, February puppies do not have to compete for our attention like they would do if they were Christmas Puppies.

Due to the weather, very few of us travel that month, helping avoid separation anxiety setting in because of a long absence too early on in their development.

The best part is, just when you are getting tired of winter, and ready to hit the parks, and the hiking trails, and the road trips - so is your puppy! She is now old enough to join you on your adventures and welcome spring with open paws!!

February puppies are great. The most important things to think about in your first few days together are:

 Potty training a puppy

 Bonding with your family

 Crate Training

 Puppy Health

 Puppy Behavior


February Puppies

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