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Breeding Golden Doodles was a logical next step. Their temperament made them perfect for our family of children. I wanted to be able to share that with other families. They truly are the best pets for kids.

With so many people out there with allergies to dogs, it was important to select a breed that gave access for families with allergies to a great family dog. Having non shedding dogs, or hypoallergenic dogs available to choose from, opens up a world of opportunities for people.

perfect pets for kidsHow to make it Special

There are enough dog breeders in the world to fill a small country. We did not want to do this just to be like everyone else. We only wanted to do it if we had something special to offer the hypoallergenic dog world. So what could we do?

We are Holistic Breeders. That means, we also promote Holistic Pet Care - encouraging you to take the best care of your pets the way nature intended.

We believe strongly that a Golden Doodle should never see the inside of a Rescue Shelter or Pet Store. That is why we have implemented No Doodle Left Behind.

Socialization and Habituation are extremely important to us. We want any of our Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Puppies to Adopt to be well prepared for the homes they are going to.

Puppies for Sale

Yes, we have some puppies for sale. Be sure to check out Our Puppies to learn more.

Our Puppies are all lovingly raised on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. We are proud to be one of the great Canadian dog breeders.

If you are just learning about this wonderful breed of the English Goldendoodle, or are wondering about what makes English (or Teddy Bear) Golden doodles special, please take some time to hang out on our site.

4 week old Goldendoodle PuppyYou might learn some fun information, or see some great photos, or meet your new best friend here.

Canadian English Goldendoodles is an ever changing site. Please make a point to come back often. See what is new for Doodle owners, as well as share your Doodle journey with us!

Why do you love your Goldendoodle?

Our Goldendoodle

I love my Goldendoodle.

I love when I come in the door, and she is there to meet me.

I love her gentle spirit when she sits at my feet in the evening.

I love how my kids can curl up next to her, and how much she loves them.

I love her spunky coat and the fun we have with 'styles' throughout the year.

the love of a golden. Beautiful Goldendoodle face like a Teddy Bear  Goldendoodles with poodle-like coats shed rarely or not at all. 7 month old Goldendoodle Puppy

Current Update!

We are really excited about our 2015 litters. We are expecting both F1 and F1b puppies born this summer and know it will be a great year.  Check out upcoming litters for more information.


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